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NuYu Aesthetics™

the delicate balance of art & science

-since 2004


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NuYu Aesthetics offers the most extensive menu of services in the industry!

Indulge in Any of the Following Treatments:

Fine Lines and Wrinkle Minimizing

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Xeomin

Smooth lines and lift brows, creating an open, friendlier, more relaxed face with a result that is natural looking and still expressive.


Use it as you need it with our smart savings REWARDS SCALE!

Did you know...

Botox Parties Can Be Arranged In Your Home Or Place Of Business!


  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Perlane

Dermal fillers enhance your natural looks by filling in unwanted facial folds & lines restoring your skin’s volume. Dermal fillers are great for your "laugh lines, lip contours, "smile lines" or "parentheses", or "marionette lines". There is minimal recovery or downtime with most dermal fillers.


  • Lipo B- Body Contouring
  • Fat Reducing- B12 with Lipotropics- MIC B12 & MIC B12+
  • B12 & Super B12- Cyanocobalamin & Methylcobalamin Forms
  • B Complex & Super B Combo
  • Lipovicine
  • Lipovimino
  • Lipovialline
  • Bodovidomino
  • Fat Loss & Liver Cleansing Complex
  • Mineral Complex
  • Personalized Supplements

Lipo-B decreases fat deposits, boosts energy, transforms carbohydrates into even more energy, speeds thought process, helps keep healthy skin tone and strong nails, promotes healthy hair growth, controls estrogen levels, helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones, improves mood, speeds up the metabolism and the natural removal of fat from the human body.

Vitamin B12 is a very important nutrient which helps support higher energy levels, emotional stability, mental clarity and more. Vitamin B12 has also been associated with lower homocysteine levels which helps lessen the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B complex is a supplemental combination of B vitamins which are essential to the body. The vitamin B-complex group includes B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin & niacinamide), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin), folic acid or folate, pantothenic acid, biotin, choline, inositol, & PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid). All of the above play a key role in several bodily functions, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, and mitochondrial energy metabolism; maintenance of the liver, skin, hair, mouth, and eyes; plus so much more. Vitamin B deficiency can cause beriberi, digestive disturbances, degeneration of the sex glands, and neurological problems. Symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency can include oily or scaly skin, upset stomach, headaches, anxiety, moodiness, and heart diseases. Vitamin B complex improves the body's resistance to stress, aids in digestion, promotes good muscle toneand healthy skin. It also reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness and helps regulate blood pressure.

 B complex is involved in an extremely large and important group of metabolic functions such as energy production, detoxification, nerve transmission, blood formation, synthesis of proteins and fats, production of steroid hormones, maintenance of blood sugar levels, toning muscles, etc. Combination products can simplify the process of taking individual B vitamins for a range of ailments including alcoholism, depression, diabetes, hair problems, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and stress.


Bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), also known as bio identical hormone therapy or natural hormone therapy, is a term referring to the use of hormones that are identical, on a molecular level, with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy.

What are Bio identical Hormones?

Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), also called natural hormone replacement therapy, is the supplemental use of Bio identical hormones (estrogen, progesterone and/or testosterone) to replace and balance your own hormones.

It may surprise you to know that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, via creams, pellet therapy or other delivery methods, have been used successfully by patients throughout Europe and the United States since the 1930's. Studies suggest bio-identical hormones are not only safe, but beneficial to the health of those using them.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help men and women renew their lives.

BHRT Hormone Benefits for Women

  • Helps eliminate or reduce hot flashes
  • Reduces risks of heart disease
  • Accelerates fat burning/increases weight loss
  • Reduces night sweats & insomnia
  • Enhances sex drive & libido
  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts
  • Helps improve memory & concentration
  • Prevents vaginal thinning & dryness
  • Increases energy & reduces depression
  • Improves the skin's elasticity
  • Protects bones from osteoporosis & osteopenia
  • Encourages bone growth
  • Hormone supplements for male-female gender transition

BHRT Hormone Benefits for Men

  • Increases muscle tone
  • Improves sexual libido & performance
  • Increases energy and reduces depression
  • Improves memory & concentration
  • Reduces sleep disturbances
  • Protects against Heart Disease
  • Encourages bone growth
  • Improves blood flow
  • Hormone supplements for female-male gender transition

There are important differences between HRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and synthetic hormone replacement that doctors use today. Foremost, BHRT appears much safer than synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones have been known to increase the risk of breast cancer and heart disease whereas BHRT appears to have very few & minimal side effects.

Women and men who have a quest to live their lives to full mental, physical, emotional and sexual capacity can now renew their lives. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can return men and women to their physiological state of their 30's!


  • Skin Scope Tissue Documentation
  • Skin Scan Tissue Assessment

Here at NuYu, we become your “skin detective”. We will investigate the cause whether it’s bacterial, hormonal, deficiency, reactive or any other issue. We may be able to help by simply changing a few steps in your daily routine. Or, we may need to treat you in several phases. Whatever the case, we will to guide you along the way to remedy. We understand that certain skin problems can seriously affect our quality of life. For this reason, we treat your concerns with passion.


  • Three Types of Microdermabrasion Platforms!
  • Recommended with Alternating Chemical Peels

Diamond microdermabrasion is the preferred alternative to treatment with traditional microdermabrasion machines. Diamond microdermabrasion differs from traditional treatments in that it doesn’t rely on microdermabrasion crystals to perform skin exfoliation. Diamond microdermabrasion utilizes microdermabrasion tips covered in tiny diamonds to perform skin exfoliation. When the diamond microdermabrasion tip makes contact with the skin it abrades against the top layer pulling it off.

The microdermabrasion machine then sucks the loose dead skin cells away from the face. Otherwise, diamond and crystal microdermabrasion peel procedures are exactly the same in that the treatment provider passes the wand over each area of your skin three times. The diamonds on the microdermabrasion tip are actually thousands of tiny diamond particles which are uniformly sized. Diamond tips are assorted by varying sizes and granule abrasiveness. The appropriate diamond tip to use depends on the patient’s individual skin condition. Typically, several types are used on a single patient during a treatment. By having more choice in which diamond tip to use, microdermabrasion offers greater customization of treatment. Traditional microdermabrasion blasts microdermabrasion crystals onto the skin to perform exfoliation. Diamond microdermabrasion relies on suction in combination with the diamond tips to exfoliate. Increasing the suction makes the microdermabrasion process stronger and suitable for treating old stretch marks or deeper acne scars. Higher suction levels can be used on body skin because it is less sensitive than facial skin. Suction also has the added benefit of stimulating collagen and elastin as well as increasing blood flow to the skin. This provides an instantly revived complexion and healthy glow while collagen and elastin work to build stronger and more youthful skin.


  • Dermaplaning & Lactic
  • Recommended with Alternating Chemical Peels

Also known as epidermal leveling or blading, Dermaplaning removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Dermaplaning is another non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. It is safely performed by using a sterile surgical blade. This treatment, when professionally trained, is extremely safe. Our practitioner has been performing and teaching this procedure for over a decade with amazing results. Benefits of Dermaplaning include increased absorption of active products, increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, corrects some forms of acne and reduces scar tissue.

COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY (CIT)/Percutanous Collagen Induction (PCI)

  • Hypo Pigmented Scars
  • Atrophic Scars
  • Fine Lines
  • Entire Face
  • Tethered Cellulite
  • Advanced C.I.T. / C.I.T. with Peel

Also known as Micro-Needling and Needle-Dermabrasion, Percutanous Collagen Induction (PCI) is intended to smooth wrinkles, improve depressed acne scarring as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is one the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatments available. Each successive treatment triggers the production and deposition of new collagen that progressively fills in depressed scars and deep lines. This infilling process can continue for up to 12 months after a treatment has been performed. Skin needling is now well established as a treatment option for depressed acne scarring. Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a far more cost effective option than fractional laser therapy and delivers very similar result.


Cosmetic Electrotherapy- The Future of Advanced Skincare Technology!

Navigate your aging process with much more control, in spite of gravity! By using the latest discoveries in

cosmetic chemistry & an expansive variety of gentle electrotherapy platforms, we are able to stimulate the

skin’s metabolism & extend its youthful appearance for longer than ever before!

Cosmetic Electrotherapy is a range of beauty treatments that uses low electric currents passed through the

skin to produce several therapeutic effects such as muscle toning in the body and micro-lifting of the face. It is

based on electrotherapy, which has been researched and utilized in the field of rehabilitation and cellular rejuvenation throughout the scientific and medical communities.

NuYu Aesthetics™ offers the most advanced & expansive state-of-the-art Electrotherapeutical technological

equipment combined with the results-driven ingredients delivered through Molecule Rx™ cellular therapy

ensuring optimal effectiveness of each customized first-class treatment, with instant results.

All of the electrical treatments used perform several functions & offer a combination of the following benefits.

• They improve the skin condition.

• They improve muscle condition and the contours of the face.

• They improve lymphatic drainage to the face.

• They aid in relaxation, both physically and mentally.

NuYu utilizes several Electrotherapy units. In addition NuYu has three Multi-Functional Electrotherapy

platforms that allow the capability to perform a variety of electrotherapeutical procedures using a:

• High-Frequency units using a variety of electrodes containing either Argon or Neon gasses

• Vacuum suction modalities for Resurfacing units, Contouring units, Extraction/Removal units

• Galvanic unit for Iontophoresis & Desincrustation uses

• Faradic unit

• Ultra Sound for unit for Ultrasonic Planing-Detox Peel & for Ultrasonic Smoothing, Lifting, Firming

• Microcurrent unit

Electro-therapy improves skin condition and lymphatic drainage

The different types of electrical currents utilized via independent/stand-alone technology machines & within

the multi-function facial machine unit have various effects on the body. Some of them will warm the skin &

muscles through the increase in circulation to the area, lymphatic drainage will be stimulated by using the

equipment in the direction of the nodes, & the nerve endings will be soothed by the heat generated. Others

will act as a delivery vehicle to force or encourage product or ingredient penetration into the tissue. There are

many other applications & capabilities within each type of machine, wavelength type & parameters, etc.

However, no electrical current has any effect on the skeleton. Details per Electrotherapeutical applications &

modalities offered at NuYu Aesthetics™ are arranged below per treatment type.

Take your Skin To Whole Nu Level With Advanced NuYu Electrotherapy!



Underneath all the excess grime and dull, dead skin cells that build up on your tissue,

a beautiful complexion is waiting.

Find it today with an Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Facial!

The Process

NuYu Aesthetics’ cutting-edge Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Peel Facial Machine emits ultrasonic waves with varying frequencies, levels, pulse types, and modes over your skin’s surface. 

These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation in the skin. Deep detox cleansing, releasing pore congestion, amplifying exfoliation, and product absorption are the main occupations of the Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Peel Facial Treatment. These functions use the thin, flat metal ultrasound conduction dermaplaning spatula panel to deliver ultrasonic and mechanical vibrations, and current to rid the skin of pore blockages via desincrustation or the softening or even the dissolving of sebum. Additionally, it conveys with it the added benefit of helping with the absorption of revitalizing topical preparations for deeper penetration into the skin. This provides amplified and rapid results. The Ultrasonic Planing’s flat panel is an effective and painless method of dirt and oil extraction from the pores; particularly in blockhead-prone areas such as the nose and chin.

The “Peel” is an immediate superficial exfoliation of the stratum corneum, or outer layer of dead skin cells. No

delayed “snake shedding’ days later so you don’t need to go into hiding or have any downtime!

The Result

The Ultrasonic Planing Treatment gives you a healthy, glowing, smooth complexion that lasts and lasts!

What to Consider

We recommend that you receive six Ultrasonic Planing Treatments to experience maximum results. The

treatments can be done once a week or once a month. Each Ultrasonic Planing Treatment will take around 15

minutes as a stand-alone treatment and should be pain free. The treatment takes longer when incorporated into

or another modality type for a more customized treatment.

There is no down time and results can be seen immediately after treatment.

People with certain health conditions should avoid having an Ultrasonic Planing Treatment, including people

with active autoimmune conditions, heart problems or cancer.

Try an Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Peel before a special event to look your best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ultrasonic Planing Detox Peel?

An Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Peel is a high tech facial that uses ultrasonic waves to gently exfoliate and give

your skin a soft, youthful and radial glow.

Your skin will have that “lit from within glow” making it the perfect treatment to indulge in before a big event.

Each procedure takes such minimal time to provide results that can last up to a month!

What can you expect after your Ultrasonic Planing - Detox Peel?

• Exfoliates dead skin cells

• Cleanses your skin

• Improves skin texture and tone

• Unclogs and cleanses pores - improves blackheads, whiteheads and improves acne

• Enhances skincare product penetration & efficacy

• Non-invasive and no down time

• Results are immediate and last up to one month.

Is it painful?

No, it is not painful at all. You can expect to have no redness or irritation after your Ultrasonic Planing - Detox

Peel. It’s not rough on the skin, and there’s no messy crystals left over on your skin after.

This treatment doesn’t use crystals or chemicals and is perfect for sensitive, sun-damaged and acne prone skin.

Are there any risks involved?

• The procedure is generally safe but there are some risks involved, these risks are minimal.

• You need to be aware of these risks before undergoing this procedure.

• It’s best to skip Ultrasonic Planing if you have an active autoimmune disorder, heart disorder, or cancer.


NuYu Aesthetics’ Ultrasonic Smoothing and Lifting Micro Current Machine utilizes sonic vibrations; it works one to five million times/cycles per second (1 MHz - 5 MHz) with adjustable continuous or pulsed frequency modes. The ultrasonic waves stimulate tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promote collagen tissue, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The Ultrasonic Smoothing and Lifting Micro Current will also lift the skin resulting in a younger and healthier look. The ultrasound emitted through the probes will generate heat below the skin.

This effect will increase blood flow, dilate capillaries, relax muscles, facilitate lymphatic flow, and dissolve cellulite to break down unwanted subcutaneous fat. This ultrasound also utilizes sonic vibrations also to reduce lines, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Our Ultrasonic Micro Current Machine has several contoured probes to best provide ultrasound to all contours of the face and body.

What Is Ultrasonic Facial Treatment?

During an ultrasonic facial, high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin

promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage,

combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration. Ultrasound may be used on most

parts of the body, including the face, neck, arms, breasts, stomach, waist, hips, buttocks, and legs.

How Does It Work?

The application of ultrasonic frequency is used to increase cellular turnover, plump up and smooth out fine lines and

wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, relieve puffy eyes, reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve acne, tighten enlarged

pores, fade dark eye circles, freckles and old age spots and even repair scar damage. The process is safe, painless

and gentle and can even be used by sensitive skin types such as those with Rosacea.

The sound waves produced by the ultrasound facial machine resonate well above our hearing level and move too

quickly for our nerve endings to register. The intensive rejuvenating cyclic sound waves penetrate below the skin

reaching the dermis and will not cause discomfort or unusual side effects.

Our ultrasonic machine offers the convenience of different treatment modes. The lower the ultrasonic frequency

rate setting, the deeper the sound waves will penetrate below the skin. Thus, the 1MHz mode is designed for

general body treatment where tissue is thicker. The 3MHz mode is designed for general facial treatment where

tissue & muscles are much thinner. The 5Mhz mode is best for treatment around the most delicate area, the eyes.

In order to optimize the penetration of the cyclical sound waves, a conductive gel must be used. Besides

encouraging improved conductivity, the gel also penetrates deep into the skin. As such, we use quality optimized

gels that contain skin-firming ingredients.

When ultrasound enters the body it reacts in various ways. It’s absorbed by muscle, tendons & bone. Harder

surfaces like bone will absorb & reflect ultrasound energy. All of these play a role in the temperature rise in the

surrounding tissue. This in turn dramatically increases needed oxygen to the cells and aids in the removal of waste

products. This antibacterial cleansing action also helps prevent the onset of acne and blemishes and the skin is

left feeling instantly energized, rosy, firm, refreshed and noticeably softer after just one treatment!

Ultrasonic facial technology is effective in addressing a range of skin care concerns from acne to wrinkles and may

be used in conjunction with post-treatment procedures to enhance and prolong results.

What Are The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Facial Treatment?

Ultrasonic facials offer a safe and gentle alternative to dramatic plastic surgery procedures, laser resurfacing,

chemical peels, Collagen and Botox injections and other invasive skin rejuvenation treatments.

Results can vary by individual and skin type. Although Ultrasonic treatment has been shown to produce an

immediate firming effect, a series of treatments will provide more cumulative long-term, lasting results.

• Stimulates Blood Circulation

• Aids in Lymphatic Drainage

• Increases Cell Metabolism

• Cleanses Away Toxins

• Enhances Skin Care Product Performance

• Tightens and Tones Neck, Body and Facial Skin

• Diminishes Wrinkles and Fine Lines

• Reduces The Appearance of Congested, Puffy Eyes

• Improves Upon Skin Texture and Tone

• Clarifies Acne and Blemishes

• Lightens Dark Under Eye Circles

• Reduces The Appearance of Cellulite and Fat Deposits

Are Ultrasonic Facials Considered Safe?

The ultrasonic facial is a safe, gentle treatment however the following precautions should always be taken:

• Not for use on open sores, wounds or infected areas

• Not for internal use (i.e. in mouth, nose, etc.)

• Not for use if pregnant, have a pacemaker, heart disease history or other medical condition

Incorporate an Ultrasonic Smoothing and Lifting Micro Current Treatment into your next facial or try an

Ultrasonic Smoothing and Lifting Micro Current as a stand-alone treatment for a more radiant, lifted,

smoother, firmer, more youthful version of the Nu Yu today!



High frequency is a very useful multi-purpose machine: it can be used both directly and indirectly on most skin

types and gives excellent results.

The high-frequency current-

This is a dampened alternating, oscillating, high-voltage, low-amperage current. A high-frequency machine

produces a frequency of 100,000–250,000 Hertz (cycles per second).

As it alternates so rapidly, at more than 50 times per second, the current does not stimulate motor or sensory

nerve endings. It is also the alternation that produces the high-pitched sound that is the characteristic of high

frequency. High frequency is one of the few machines that does not require two connections to make a full

circuit– the current is carried through the client’s body, creating warmth by increasing the circulation.

High-frequency treatment uses low-current high-frequency alternating currents, delivered via a glass

electrode. Because the high frequency current converts some of the oxygen in the air into ozone, the

treatment has a germicidal action, and is also drying and warming. Consequently, the treatment is used to aid

healing and also to help desquamation (the skin's natural exfoliation) and stimulate sweat and sebaceous


At up to 250,000 Hz frequency, the hollow glass electrode behaves like a glow discharge tube and is

sometime called a "violet ray" or "violet wand" (though the colour depends on the gas in the glass)

High frequency, or HF, is defined as the part of the Radio frequency, or RF, spectrum ranging from 3 MHz to 30

MHz. High frequency medical skin care is thus medaesthetic treatments administered through use of an RF machine

which is designed to deliver electromagnetic radio frequency waves in the HF range.

Indirect High Frequency is ideal for a skin that needs stimulation, such as a dry, lackluster, delicate, fragile,

sensitive and flaccid skin. Indirect HF, or Viennese Massage, uses light techniques versus Europeanstyle

massage, which could stretch the skin or over-stimulate sensitive skin.

Fulguration, also called electrofulguration, is a procedure to destroy and remove tissue (such as a malignant tumor) using a high-frequency electric current applied with a needlelike electrode. During fulguration, lesions are ablated (destroyed) by the use of high frequency current and is essentially similar to cauterization. Fulguration is used to ablate tumors and other lesions such as hemangiomas and warts. It is either performed in an operation theater by a surgeon or on an out-patient basis by a surgeon or dermatologist.

What is a High Frequency Machine?

These devices have been born out of the findings of Jacques D’ Arsonval who is credited as the founder of electrotherapy. He found that high

frequency alternating currents had beneficial effects to the body. High frequency refers to radio waves between 3 to 30 MHz.

These healing properties are widely regarded as one of the top non-invasive, painless treatments for acne, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and even hair growth.

Effectiveness of Argon and Neon Gas High Frequency Electrodes:

The violet electrodes have been used to treat acne prone skin. An extremely small amount of ultra-violet light is emitted

when the violet electrode makes contact with the skin. Such brief and low level UV light exposure is considered safe and

provides excellent anti-bacterial and healing benefits.

The orange electrodes are generally used to treat aging skin because they are said to direct more warmth to the treatment area; which promotes blood circulation, encourages cellular turnover and improves product penetration.

How Does High Frequency Facial Work?

A high frequency machine consists of a handheld wand device that comes with gas filled glass electrodes of varying shapes that can be used on

face or body. The high frequency electrode is inserted to the device and the machine is turned on to generate a mild low-level alternating current. The current is passed to the body through the electrode when its tip comes in contact with the skin. The high frequency electromagnetic waves are absorbed by skin tissues causing them to vibrate and get heated. This heat breaks down and removes problem cells and toxins which are causing skin problems like acne.

It also improves blood circulation and increase the production of collagen and elastin that improves sagging skin, remove wrinkles and reduce pores. Upon contact the gas ignites and lights up the glass electrode to act like a glow discharge tube. During this it also converts some of the oxygen in the air to produce purifying ozone molecules. These rejuvenating oxygen molecules provide deep anti-bacterial action that fights acne. These devices are safe to use on whole body and is painless.

High frequency uses alternating current to conduct energy to a gas when it is ignited. Glass electrodes contain either Argon (violet) or Neon (orange) gas. When light energy is given off, it forms electricity around the electrode. When the oxygen, naturally present in the air around the electrode is electrified, it forms ozone. It is especially useful after the extraction phase of a facial because it kills germs, dries excess oil and increases healing.

One popular misconception is that violet wands produce ultraviolet light, and sometimes violet wands are erroneously called "ultraviolet wands". Violet wands do not produce measurable amounts of ultraviolet light, except at the point of the full-spectrum spark external to the glass electrode. With sufficient time in one spot, redness or mild burns can result from the arc's heat. The arcs do generate ozone and nitrogen oxides, giving the skin the well-known "ozone smell" similar to the smell of a lightning storm.

Benefits of High Frequency Facial Machines-

There are many benefits of using a high frequency machine and the most important ones are

• Heal & Prevent Acne – The high frequency machines are very good for reducing acne and to reduce their onset with regular sessions. The oxygen molecules produced during the treatment kills acne causing bacteria’s and removes them from your skin.

• The high frequency facial also improves the penetration and absorption of acne lotions and creams that further prevents acne from forming.

You can get noticeable results with a few weeks regular usage.

• Reduce Pore Size - It also works well for reducing size of your pores, eliminating blemishes and blackheads.

• Anti-aging effects- The high frequency wands improve blood circulation and also boost production of collagen and elastin. The effects are reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, tightened skin & even skin tone. As a result your get a younger, firmer and more radiant complexion.

• You can get even smoother and firmer skin by using cellulite reduction creams which will be absorbed better.

• Reduce Dark Eye Circles- You can get rid of dark eye circles or puffy eyes with the use of high frequency machines that improve the blood circulation. The improved circulation helps in fading away the dark eye lines for younger look. Using eye creams along with the treatment will give even better reduction.

• Hair Growth- These devices improve blood circulation in your scalp and when used along with growth serums can stimulate proper hair growth. The comb shaped electrode heads are used on the scalp.

• Sterilize skin surface, as well as beneath the surface.

• Customized electrodes can treat any area as & shape size of electrodes are interchangeable to suit particular concerns & areas. Glass electrode shapes are designed to address specific treatment areas.

• Argon & Neon Gases are selected according to tissue concern & may also be alternated for advanced uses during treatments.


Indirect Application– the current flows through the client's body using the therapist’s hands to perform

massage, which conducts the current. The client holds the saturator electrode.

Direct Application– application is directly on the skin being treated using a glass electrode.

Direct High Frequency Effects:

• Increases Cell Metabolism

• Stimulates Sebaceous Activity

• Germicidal Effect

• Sparking – Anti-bacterial effect

• Relaxing & Soothing

• Stimulates Blood Flow Circulation

• Blood Vessel Vasodilation

• Constricts Pores

• Oxygen converted to Ozone has Drying Effect on Skin

• Fresh Nutrient & Oxygen Supply to Area

• Increased Lymphatic Circulation

• Improved Efficiency of Toxins & Waste Removal

• Stimulates Superficial Sensory Nerve Endings

Indirect High Frequency (Viennese Massage) Effects:

• Increases Cell Metabolism

• Fresh Nutrient & Oxygen Supply to Area

• Increased Lymphatic Circulation

• Improved Efficiency of Toxins & Waste Removal

• Increases Sebaceous & Sudoriferous Glands Activity

• Massage Movements Aid in Desquamation

• Sooths Sensory Nerve Endings

• Warms & Relaxes Muscle Tissue

• Vasodilation

• Increases Cell Metabolism

• Improves Skin Color & Texture

• Increases Blood Flow Effects

Indications for Use-

Direct Treatment:

• Improves condition of Oily/ blemished skins

• Ozone helps destroy bacteria present on the skin

• Helps to dry out the secretions of seborrhoeic or oily skins

Indirect Treatment:

• Helps Improve Poor Circulation

• Improves Dry & Dehydrated Skins

• Helps relax the tissues


• Epilepsy

• Highly Vascular skins

• Excessive metal in the Treatment Area

• Glandular Swelling

• Pregnancy

• Heart Diseases & Disorders

• Dysfunction of the Nervous System

• Pacemaker

• Skin Diseases & Disorders


• Anxiety

• Metal Pins & Plates

• Piercings

• Cuts, bruises & abrasions

• Thin, bony areas

• Epilepsy

• Acne

• Loose, Crepey Skin

• Couperosed Skin

• Broken Capillaries & Thread Veins

GALVANIC ELECTROTHERAPY- Iontophoresis & Desincrustation Treatments

Sometimes called galvanism, the treatment aims to improve the skin in two ways:

(1) cleansing: a process called desincrustation, and

(2) nourishing the skin condition, through an electro-chemical process called iontophoresis (also called ionization).

This is achieved by the application of a small, constant, direct current.

The treatment works on the principle that charged ions in the skin are either attracted or repelled from the electrodes, resulting in certain chemical effects.

"Galvanism works by penetrating active substances into the subcutaneous, where they act on the ineffective circulation to bring about an improvement in the vascular & lymphatic interchange in the area. This is completed in a safe & natural way, & is aided by the actual effect of the galvanic current on the tissue. This improves the cellular membrane function, & allows trapped fluid & fat to be dispersed & eliminated."

Galvanic treatments are often used on the face (facial galvanic treatment) & on the body to treat cellulite (galvanic cellulite treatments).

Galvanism is a technique which uses an electric current to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin. It’s also referred to as Electromotive Drug Administration (EDA or EMDA). In popular (lay) terms it’s sometimes called "an injection without the needle”.

The term iontophoresis is simply defined as ion transfer (ionto = ion; phoresis = transfer).

Iontophoresis is not the same as Phonophoresis which involves driving ions across the skin via ultrasound.

Formally, the modality can be defined thus: “A non-invasive method of propelling high concentrations of a charged substance, normally a medication or bioactive agent, transdermally by repulsive electromotive force using a small electrical charge applied to an iontophoretic chamber containing a similarly charged active agent and its vehicle". Iontophoresis is utilized in tissue therapy, but is not exclusive to this arena, and there are a variety of applications used in medicine, dentistry, lab sciences, chemistry, biology, & physiology.

There are relatively few Iontophoresis practitioners in the UK, but in the US it’s a mainstream application in advanced medical practices. In Europe there are pockets of activity & strong support from many practitioners. Worldwide use is patchy with areas of high use & areas where it’s almost never employed. Demographics point to a direct parallel consistent with a populations within metropolitan areas of a higher level of education and mid-upper bracket income comparatively to regional populations.

Basic Principles

To 'drive' ions into tissue, Direct (Galvanic) Current needs to be employed. Some authorities suggest that the current needs to be continuous, though others have argued that so long as the current is monophasic in nature, a pulsed application can be used. Continuous (classic) DC, offered at NuYu Aesthetics, is the preferred method amongst Aesthetic Professionals.


The Uses & Effects of a Galvanic Treatment:

• Galvanic increases the circulation

• Tones the skin

• Assistes to uniforms tissue pigment tone/color

• Soothing Effects

• Fluid in the tissues is drawn to the negative pole, which is called electro-osmosis.

• When the positive pole is used, waste & fluid in the tissue is drawn away from the area, relieving tension.

• Galvanic causes Relaxation; Warmth is produced inside the tissues, promoting relaxation.

• Galvanic plumps up the tissues, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

• Fresh oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the area via increases circulation & stimulation.

• Improved efficiency in the removal of products, dead skin calls, sebum, & debris from the area.

• Blood vessels will either vasodilate or vasoconstrict.

• Cell metabolism is sped up which improves the appearance of the skin.

• Improvement in skin color due to the vasodilation of the blood vessels – if a negative polarity is used.

• Purging or tightening/constricting effect on the pores.

• Softening or firming of the tissue.

• Lymphatic circulation is increased which assists with the lymphatic drainage & area fluid/toxin removal.

• Increased circulation brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

• Has a stimulating or soothing effect on the nerve endings depending on the polarity used.

• To introduce the specific benefits of the products used during the iontophoresis treatment.

• To deep cleanse the skin.

• To speed up cell renewal process through increased circulation

• To reduce the effects of the aging process.

• Regeneration of the skin cells is beneficial for a mature or damaged skin.

• Hydrating and moisturizing effect, as many products have specific ingredients such as collagen, elastin and

plant extracts that are particularly beneficial for a dry or mature skin.

• Balancing and deep cleansing effects are beneficial for an oily or combination skin. Specific plant extracts

and ingredients may be introduced to benefit the conditions of these skin types.

• Stimulating effect on a sluggish or sallow skin

• Desensitize skin. Sensitive tissue will improve with the use of specific desensitization products


Micro-Current treatments (MENS) medical and cosmetic applications and are distinguished by their use of micro ampere currents (i.e. millionths of an amp) which are hardly perceptible, but mimic the body's own bio-electric currents. The treatment is designed to soften wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, including skin damaged by sunburn, acne, stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance. When used on the face, the treatment has become known as a "non-surgical facelift" and "facial lifting”.

FARADIC NEUROMUSCULAR- Face & Body Electrotherapy

The Faradic treatment tones the muscles by repeatedly contracting them with the electric current, resulting in their firming and toning, and an increase in muscular metabolism aims to remove waste products more readily. Faradic treatments are generally used on the face and body, and work by contracting muscles with a short pulse of interrupted direct current.

About the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Machine & its effect on the body:

The Faradic Unit- The Faradic unit is named after Michael Faraday, who studied the nature of electricity, but it is in

fact an electrical muscular stimulation (EMS) unit, often referred to as neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

Modern beauty therapy equipment combines various types of medium to low frequency currents. The aim of facial Faradic treatment is to intensively exercise the individual muscles, or groups of muscles, which produces a firmer look to the contours of the face. Most modern Faradic machines have customizable face and body outlets on them.

Effects of Facial E.M.S:

• Stimulates sensory nerves

• Increase metabolism

• Erythema Creates an improved face Shape

• Increases Muscle tone

• Stimulates motor nerves

• Increased venous and lymphatic flow


• Asthma

• Metal Pins & Plates

• Strokes and facial paralysis

• Skin disease And disorders

• Muscle disease

• Epilepsy

• Heart disease

• Allergic to latex/rubber

• Bell Palsy

• Lack of sensation

Pulse Sequence- This is the wave form or phase control and has four types:

Bi-phasic regular pulse width: The electrical impulse passes in both directions between pads, giving a firm

toning treatment to strengthen treatment of the muscles. In normal body treatment the pads should be bi-phasic

for comfort and give an effective treatment.

Mono-phasic regular pulse: The electrical impulse pass in only one direction, helping to lift the muscle being

treated. This enables the muscle fiber to be lifted towards the origin. This is recommended for the face and neck muscles.

Irregular pulse/Irregular pulse Bi-phasic: This adds variety to the treatment and should be applied to the body

as an adjustment or 'step up' phase.

Mono-phasic: This adds variety to the treatment and provides additional comfort while adjusting to treatments.


  • Anti-Aging/Rejuvenating
  • Relaxing
  • Sensitive, Rosacea
  • European Medical
  • Express
  • Hydrating
  • Hyper pigmented
  • Adolescent Skin Concerns
  • Men's Skin Concerns
  • Personalized
  • Medical Grade Ampoules
  • Acne Extractions, Deep Pore Cleansing
  • Foliculitis Treatments (Ingrown Hair Treatments)

We offer a wide variety of customized facial treatments. Let our knowledgeable team craft a customized facial rejuvenation program which combines the most appropriate modalities for optimal results. Your Aesthetician will develop a treatment program according to your individual needs.


  • Vitalize Peel
  • VI Peel
  • TCA
  • Glycolic
  • Salicylic
  • Lactic
  • Kojic
  • Enzyme
  • Peptide
  • TCA Orange
  • Green Peel
  • TCA/Modified Jesners
  • Triplex

A procedure in which a solution of varying strengths is applied to the entire face or to specific areas to peel away the skin's top layers for reduction of wrinkles, blemishes, pigmented spots, sun-damaged areas and improves skin texture. Chemical peels range from very superficial (you won't even see your dead skin cells shedding) to very aggressive (performed in a Dr.’s office). We offer the widest variety of chemical and herbal peels and have years of experience with all skin types. Let us recommend the best choice for you. We customize all of our procedures specific to your skin's needs.


  • Electrotherapeutical HF Therapy
  • Healthy Scalp- Cellular Turnover
  • Anagen Phase Extension Treatments
  • SMP+ Cobination Thaerapy
  • Stimulation & Regeneration
  • Multiple Treatment Offerings
  • Home Care Product Selection
  • ProScope Digital Monitoring


  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Products
  • Propulsion WhipLash n Brow Treatment
  • Lash & Brow Tinting
  • LashLift Permanent Lift & Curl
  • Eyelash Collagen Treatment
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Lash Repair Conditioning Treatment

The days of the eyelash curler are over. The Lash Lift eyelash perm procedure can make your eyes seem wider. This procedure is very popular with women who have straight lashes. We recommend tinting your lashes during this treatment for optimal results. If you do choose to give it a try, make sure that the person performing the procedure has completed a training course and has the certificate to show for it. Our licensed professionals have been practicing these eyelash procedures for over ten years!


  • Lip (Full Lips &/or Lip Liner)
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner (Upper, Lower or Both)
  • Beauty Mark
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Hair Loss Camouflage
  • Vetilligo
  • Areola (After Mastectomy or Color Enhancement)



Consultation is required for treatment options & suitable candidate examination.

  • Dermatitis Forms, i.e. Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo

It is well known that UVB light treatment helps reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and is extremely effective for treating moderate to severe psoriasis, as it slows the production of skin cells and reduces inflammation.

UV-Therapy aids in the treatment of annoying, embarrassing, painful & itchy psoriasis, neurodermatitis and vitiligo and also osteoporosis prophylaxis with dermal browning.

UV-therapy has a growth-inhibiting effect and can stop this disorder.

Allergic diseases, such as dermatitis, are caused by overactive immune systems. UV-light has the capability of soothing the immune system in the outer skin layers.

In case of vitiligo, UV-light therapy is capable of stimulating the pigment-making cells of the skin (or melanocytes) to produce the pigment melanin. Melanin is, hereby, transferred to the surrounding skin cells which change into darker colour and make the skin look darker.

UV-light therapy additionally stimulates the production of vitamin D3. Vitamin D plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium and is known for its positive effect on bone structure.


  • Body Wraps & Body Masques
  • Lactic Softening & Body Peels
  • Body Exfoliation Polish
  • Suction Cellulite Reduction
  • Basic Back Facial Treatment
  • Chest & Back Acne Treatment
  • Cellulite Dimple Fill Treatment
  • Needling Scar & Cellulite Reduction
  • Microdermabrasion Tissue Softening
  • Stretch Mark Therapy
  • Folliculitis Treatment (Ingrown Hair Infection)


  • Hot Stone
  • Therapeutic
  • Swedish
  • Relaxing
  • Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue

SCLEROTHERAPY (Spider Vein Treatment)

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for the removal of spider veins and smaller varicose veins. Veins are injected with a sterile chemical sclerant, which irritates the vessel's lining, making it become inflamed, harden, and eventually fade away completely. Blood circulation is carried out through healthy veins located deeper within the body, so the outward appearance and sometimes pain associated with the problem veins is significantly reduced.



  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Rosacea
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Laser Vein Treatments
  • IPL FotoFacial Rejuvenation
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Port Wine Stains, Birth Marks, etc.



  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Fat Volume Reduction
  • Contour Improvement
  • Face & Body Rejuvenation

Radio frequency is not the same as laser, however it is often used in conjunction with laser treatments in a clinical setting. Radio frequency (RF) usually refers to oscillations in electrical circuits. Aesthetic treatments use non-ablative (RF) energy in short intense pulses that oscillate through the skin to heat targeted tissue. Radio frequency (RF) is often used to tighten the skin. The (RF) energy penetrates the skin and stimulates the contraction of collagen and the production of new collagen for skin tightening.


Our selection of products can only be sold by professionally licensed and aesthetically trained professionals. Our skincare specialists can help you choose the right program for your home care regiment.



Camouflage, Daily Wear, Correct & Protect, Special Occasion Effect




  • Ear Piercing
  • Face Piercing
  • Body Piercing
  • Unique Body & Face Piercing Jewelry


One of a Kind Jewelry & Accessory Selection


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