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NuYu Aesthetics™

the delicate balance of art & science

-since 2004


Toll Free (866) 847-NuYu

Toll Free (866) 847-NuYu

Direct (832) 649-2991



Underneath the excess grime that builds up on your skin, a beautiful complexion is waiting.

Find it today with an Ultrasonic Facial!

The Process

NuYu Aesthetics’ cutting-edge Ultrasonic Facial machine emits ultrasonic waves over your skin’s surface. These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation in the skin. The result: a smooth, soft, glowing complexion that lasts and lasts.

Amplifying exfoliation and product absorption is the main occupation of the Skin Scrubbing feature of the Ultrasonic Detox Peel. This function uses the thin metal spatula to deliver ultrasonic and mechanical vibrations, and current to rid the skin of pore blockages via desincrustation or the softening or even the dissolving of sebum on the surface of the skin.

It is an effective, efficient, and painless method of extraction of dirt and oil from the pores; the skin scrubber also delivers a stimulating micro-massage. Additionally, it conveys with it the added benefit of helping with the absorption of revitalizing topical preparations deeper into the skin for quicker and better results. The skin scrubber’s flat spatula is particularly effective in blockhead-prone areas such as the nose and chin.

What to Consider

We recommend that you receive six Ultrasonic Facials to experience maximum results. The facials can be done once a week or once a month. Each Ultrasonic Facial will take around 15 minutes and should be pain free. There is no down time and results can be seen immediately after treatment.

People with certain health conditions should avoid having an Ultrasonic Facial, including people with autoimmune conditions, heart problems or cancer.

Try an Ultrasonic Facial before a special event to look your best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ultrasonic Detox Facial Peel?

An Ultrasonic Facial is a high tech facial that uses ultrasonic waves to gently exfoliate and give your skin a soft, youthful and radial glow.

Your skin will have that “lit from within glow”, making it the perfect treatment to indulge in before a big event.

What can you expect after your ultrasonic facial?

• Exfoliates dead skin cells

• Cleanses your skin

• Improves skin texture and tone

• Unclogs and cleanses pores – improves blackheads, whiteheads and improves acne

• Enhances skincare product penetration & efficacy

• Non-invasive and no down time

• Results are immediate and last up to one month.

Is it painful?

No, it is not painful at all. You can expect to have no redness or irritation after your facial. It’s not rough on the skin, and there’s no messy crystals left over on your skin after.

This facial treatment doesn’t use crystals or chemicals and is perfect for sensitive, sun-damaged and acne prone skin.

Are there any risks involved?

• The procedure is generally safe but there are some risks involved, these risks are minimal.

• You need to be aware of these risks before undergoing this procedure.

• It’s best to skip the ultrasonic treatment if you have an autoimmune disorder, heart disorder or cancer.